Thursday, February 21, 2008

Luck of the Irish????

So, I have never been so excited today that AF finally arrived - it signals moving forward with our FET #1. It feels like forever ago when we actually did our IVF#1 cycle. I am doing estrogen patches, baby aspirin, and prenatals up until ET , then adding PIO and progesterone cream after ET. I only have 3 appointments including ET if all goes well until beta. My ET is scheduled for March 7th, and our beta will be on March 17th (st.Patricks day). Will we have the luck of the Irish with us? I hope to God so!!!


Lori said...

Aw na hair-an-ig! (luck of the irish be with you).

Green is a great color for your blog at this time.

Denise said...

So glad you're on your way! I can't remember, are you doing more of a natural cycle (no Lupron)?

I've just been on prenatals so far and I have an ultrasound tomorrow to check for a dominant follicle. Tomorrow is CD 10. Assuming I surge on CD 14 (February 26th), I will take a trigger shot that night, go in for bloodwork to check P4 the next day and start progesterone suppositories and patches the next day. The day after that (CD 17) would be starting tetracycline and medrol, plus another blood draw to check E2 and P4. Two days after that (CD 19 or March 2nd) would be transfer.

My embies were frozen at 2pn (the day after retrieval), so they are going to thaw and try to grow them out to blasts before transfer.

How many do you have frozen and are they blasts already?

Jen said...

The FET goes by so quickly and is SOOO much easier. Good luck!

journey to junior said...

hi, there! i'm so happy that i can FINALLY leave a comment for you!

i am SO SORRY about your ectopic and surgery and the hell that goes along with a m/c. we were literally going through losses at the same time.

i wish you only the best with your upcoming FET! i'll be watching!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for AF arriving! Let's get this show on the road! Welcome to the ColoBloggers!

HeidiM said...

It must feel great to have these dates on your calendar! I guess no green beer this year but hopefully you will get something WAY better!