Wednesday, November 26, 2008

20 week update

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a while since last update. We have been extremely busy with work, so now we can start to slow it down a little. We had our 20 week U/S and check with specialist this time as recommended by our OBGYN. They performed the very detailed U/S and anatomy check of all organs and systems. HEre are the findings:

1. Both girls weigh 12 ounces
2. Both heartbeats between 145-150
3. Both have 4 chambered heart and normal aortas
4. Both have all fingers and toes accounted for
5. Both have all other organ systems formed and look normal and functioning
6. Both ambilical cords are 3 vessel cords
7. Both babies are head down
8. Anterior placenta on baby A and posterior placenta on baby B
9. Cervix is 6cm
10. Belly measures 33 weeks and weight gain is 17 pounds

Specialist and OBGYN very pleased with all findings! Now we move to every 2 week checks adn 4 week U/S. We have ordered our cribs and picked out bedding thus far. My goal this week is to pick paint color, so I can have the room painted before the holidays when family is coming (so it won't smell so bad). I will post pics of the cribs and bedding soon. Below are pics of the girls and an updated belly shot.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone!


Jen said...

I'm thrilled to hear everything is going good. And you still look sooo little! I'm very jealous!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise said...

So glad the girls are doing so good! That belly doesn't look 33cm to me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

HeidiM said...

Yay, glad all stats are good! Those are great images. Now that I'm into shopping for a girl, I'll look forward to seeing your nursery pics!! Take care.