Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 month already

I can't believe that the girls are already 4 weeks old. Everyday I stare at them in awe that they are actually ours! We are so in love with them already! They are really gorwing and changinf everyday. Carely is up to 7lbs 4oz from her birth weight of 6lbs 4oz, while Caitlyn is up to 6lbs 10oz from her birth weight of 5lbs 4oz. Carley has dark hair and is a girl that knows what she wants. She is pretty laid back most of the time, but definately lets us know when she wants to eat, change locations, snuggle, or have a diaper change. She mostly sleeps, eats, snuggles and poops. Caitlyn has light hair and is very laid back, while very intersted in EVERYTHING. She likes to play, kick, wave her arms, look around, and make faces. The two are very different in looks and personalities already! Both girls really like noise and movement-so we have had many outings in the car/stroller to eat lunch/dinner or shop at the mall.

As for us....well, we are adjusting as well as could be expected. I am healing well from the C-section. We are definately sleep deprived, but I know it could be worse. We consider ourselves lucky so far-the girls eat together every 3-4 hours, neither has signs of colic,jaundice, or reflux thus far. It is interesting how your body and mind adapt to lack of sleep when it is for your children. I gained 34 pounds with the pregnancy have have lost 40 thus far without really trying. I have a few "IVF" pounds to go to get back to pre-prego weight, but I am really not focusing on that right now. I go for walks everyday with the girls, and may add weight and swimming when cleared to do so from the OB-although right now I don't have too much extra energy. I have a little extra tummy skin to tone up sometime in the future. I am not sure if the "expanded" ribcage will ever return whcih may make for interesting clothes situations. Good thing I wear scrubs everyday!

We had a big 4 weeks- 2 healthy babies, my birthday, and our anniversary! It was so different this year to celebrate these milestones with a whole new perspective on life! We love being parents so far!
Carley Paige

Caitlyn Avery


Denise said...

Yeah, I never thought the ribcage would go back down. It has quite a bit, but not all the way. The biggest problem I'm having is that all of my pregnancy and nursing bras are now way too big in the ribs, but my pre-pregnancy bras are too small. Annoying. Maybe it will go back to where it was eventually. And it's a good thing pants these days fit pretty low, or I don't think I'd be able to wear any of my pants with all the extra skin!

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I can't believe it has been 4 weeks already. The time just FLIES, doesn't it? Your girls are adorable!

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