Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This time...

This time...
I thought I would try to just "enjoy" this pregnancy and just bask in the fact that we were blessed on our own to have been given this life!
I thought would be different-I thought I would not be as anxious, nervous, scared, impatient.
I thought since it is my second pregnancy, I would not analyze ever little thing, feeling, etc.
I thought since it is one baby, I would not fear every little thing.

But what I have realized is , this time is not really any different. Yes, one less baby in there, but I still have all the feelings, emotions, etc i had last time, maybe even more. I know how high the stakes are and how blessed we were to make it to term with 2 healthy, wonderful, beautiful babies. But maybe thats ok- because if this time is no different then our end results will hopefully be the same (just with one baby).

I'm trying to tell myself that anyway :)

5 more days til we see little bean! Can't wait!

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