Monday, August 9, 2010

Do we find out?

Well, 3 weeks to go until our next US and the common question I get is...
Are you going to find out the sex?

Well, we both don't care and just want a healthy report and baby in a few months, but we really need to decide on the "sex" things prior to the appointment.

DH wants to not find out since this was the ultimate surprise, gift, blessing etc and as he says"it really does not matter anyway" since we have all the basics (except close for boy) anyway. He really wants to wait and there is a part of me that does as well.

On the other hand, though, I feel I need to know to plan the nursery theme, clothes, etc. Because let's face it, with 2 toddlers my free-time now is sparse not to mention when the new baby comes and I am trying to heal from a C-section. The other thing pulling me to find out is the "bonding" thing. I feel with the twins and work and life, I have not spent as much time thinking and dreaming of and for this baby-I know that's life, but I feel bad in a way. I think maybe knowing would help me think a little more of him/her and plan accordingly.

All in all, I know this is all so NOT important in the grand scheme of life and all, but do we find out? Any thoughts?


lumos said...

Well...We also didn't want to find out but due to family pressure,we kinda had too.Also I started to feel the need to buy girly things:)but unfortunately they couldn't tell.Something about the baby's position.

heartincharge said...

I have not had a baby yet, but personally, I will be a finder outer.
I want to call my baby by name as soon as I can, have a nursery designed just for a little boy or a little girl ( or both!)
I also feel like it is just as much of a surprise at 4 months as at 9 months. You still don't get to decide, so it's a surprise.
That being said, if your husband really wants to wait and you are on the fence, then wait. It seems to be a bigger deal to him while you will be okay either way.