Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18 months old!

The girls are 18 months now and full of LIFE! They have quite the vocabulary already. They only want to be "outside" all day long until it is "night,night" time. They love playing with each other, us, and other kids- and thankfully can entertain themselves well. We have given the grandparents a list of play-things to help us build a indoor playroom for the winter. I am a little nervous about not being able to let them expel energy in the winter if weather is bad. We have asked for an indoor playhouse, slide, climbing blocks, and shopping carts for their kitchen. Hopefully it will be a hit! We have been teaching them about a "baby" in mommy's tummy. They now point to tummy and say baby, then raise my shirt and kiss baby and say "hi baby". Then, they will say "bye, bye baby" and pull the shirt down! i know they don't really know what is going on but it is a start! Here are a few pics as of recently when the had their first cold, but had to play "dress-up" "outside" The are so precious and we love them more each day!



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