Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today, we officially graduated from the"palace". I had my 7.5 week U/S and the babies are both measuring to the exact date with HR at 143/144 bbm (respectively). We are over the moon excited and can't believe we might actually be on our way to our family. I still worry that every appointment something won't be right or won't be progressing well, but as the nurse today said "that is a mother thing...the worry never goes away". We see our OBGYN next week for u/s, BW, exam and pap (fun). The all day nausea and hunger has set in full force this week as well as slight exhaustion. No real new symptoms other than these, but I am sure they will come. Bring em on, I say!!!

Here is a pic of today's u/s-they are positioned close together and to the right because I have a septum, so one is proximal and one is a little deeper (so they look a little differently in each view due to the depth of the shot).

So, please meet our"peanut gang" as B called them the moment he saw them-now lovingly referred to as "Lucy and Linus".


journey to junior said...

maryanne - such wonderful, wonderful news. i wish you well in battling morning sickness. it is a so-not-fun-but-for-some-people-necessary-part of pregnancy.

Denise said...

Hello Lucy and Linus! Happy graduation!

Lori said...

Is that a blanket or a football I see in there>

So happy for you, Maryanne!

Jen said...

yay! I am so very happy for you!

Spicy Sister said...

happy graduation!!! yay for lucy & linus!!!!

mwbarker said...

Glad to hear/see that everything is moving along swimmingly!!!

I had no idea that you too have a septum! Small world!! LOL!

Can't wait to hear your on-going good news updates!!! -Mary