Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall approaching and 10 weeks down!

Well, it is almost fall here! The leaves are starting to change and it my favorite time of the year. My mom and step-dad are coming up for a week - I am so excited for them to see the colors. We are taking them to our place in Steamboat and for once I don't need to work!

Work here with the new practice is going super! I have 2 great employees and the practice continues to grow! The response from the referring doctors and patients in the area are thrilled to have me there full time. I hope I can work as long as possible to keep it going in this good direction.....but yes I am prepared to cut days down and out if need be! That is the upside to being self-employed I guess.

On the pregnancy front- I keep waiting for something bad to happen or for bad news. The wait until the next appointment is killing me-2 more weeks. We will have and u/s and our 12 week screening. They spoiled us at "the palace" by the constant monitoring, so to go an entire month is soooooo hard! ON the symptom front they are as follows:

1. Spotting has stopped for 5 days and counting - whoooohoooo - I hope I am finally done with the hematoma!

2. Nausea has drastically improved and the ravaging hunger has normalized to a degree (or I have just adjusted to it) - I still have problems with nausea with certain foods that I really like (like steak), but much better.

3. Still on pelvic rest until next appointment

4. Tummy starting to expand already. I just feel like I look like a beer kegger deluxe!

5. Off/on "growing" twinges and pressure

6. Frequent urination especially the 2-3 middle of the night trips.

7. Feeling fairly good! No real complaints today!

Otherwise I feel fine and can barely wait until next 2 weeks are done so I can see them again and know everything is on track! It is a good thing I have a busy 2 weeks with family in town and work-it hopefully will fly by!

Below are pictures from 8 weeks on top and 10 weeks on bottom- I finally figured out the timer on the new camera today!


Kristen said...

You look great! I'm glad the spotting has ceased - what a relief! It's so hard waiting appointment to appointment but it will be so worth it when you see your little ones wiggling about. I'm so excited for you!

journey to junior said...

looking good, girlfriend!!

you will continue to wait for the other shoe to drop - but you'll think about it less the farther along you get.

to answer your question - i bought my doppler on ebay for $100 - it is the hi-bebe monitor by bistos - there are some on ebay right now for just over $100. it has worked great for me since 10.5 weeks - but i have a posterior placenta, so it has been easy for me to find the heartbeat b/c nothing is in the way.

i'm just so thrilled for you!

Jen said...

I am glad the spotting has stopped and everything is going well. And trust me, I still have to pinch myself to believe this is happening!

HeidiM said...

So happy to hear things are going well and you're feeling good! I have two weeks 'til our next appointment too. Actually it seems a big releif to not be rushing to the doc so often, but of course it's nice to go to know that all is well with baby(ies).

Denise said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly the belly starts? Hope the spotting will soon be a distant memory and you continue to feel better!

Emily said...

I'm late to the game but CONGRATS MARYANNE!!! I'm so glad to have found you again via Journey to Junior! :)

So looking forward to following your pregnancy!

Emily (from ff)