Wednesday, October 1, 2008

End of 1st Trimester Update

Well, a small sigh of relief. Our appointment went well today-the babies were very playful and showed us many different angles and faces. It was so fun! Here are the highlights:
1. We had our screening done for Down's symdrome and trisomy 18-the results will be in next week. The u/s part of the screening we were well within the range of what they would like to see.

2. Both babies are measuring 12 weeks, 2 days-slightly ahead

3. Heartrates are 146 and 152

4. Blood pressure normal

5. Sub-chorionic bleed almost resolved-although I have to have another Rh factor test to make sure that the bleeding was not from embryonic origin that would affect the Rh factor.

6. Uterus measure just at belly-button which is on track for twins we were told.

7. I have gained 5 pounds total thus far

8. Headaches, exhaustion, and heartburn are my contant companions as of late.

We go back in in 1 month for our 16 week check and maybe we will get to see "the parts"?!?

Below are pics from today- Linus is profile and Lucy giving a face to the camera. Also, is my 12 week belly pic!

On another note: DH is leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks on a medical mission trip to a remote area overseas. There will be no electrical, e-mail, or phone for 8 days of the trip. I am a little nervous for him and his team, but also about being here by myself wondering if something bad will happen to us while he is gone. I usually am not this much of a downer, but it is worrisome that I will have no way of contacting him if I needed. This will be a big lesson in faith that God will take care of us all! I hope these days go fast!


Jen said...

Everything sounds like it's going great with you and the little ones! Yay!

And I think my belly looked like yours before I got pregnant.

Wishing you all the best!

Denise said...

So glad the appointment went well! Those pix are great!