Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Screening results and misc thoughts

Well, screening results are back and are well within normal range. OB does not recommend anything further based on results unless we desire or we see need in future U/S. With twins, they only run the down's marker in this screeing, not trisomy 18 - we did not know this when we did the test-I only found out when I asked for the other ratio since they only gave me one. Sometimes, I feel with their office they forget we having twins until I mention it AGAIN and AGAIN. I hope that gets better-I am giving them the benfit of the doubt for another appointment. If they seem to not have it together again, I am not sure I will feel comfortable going further into the pregnancy with them not fully paying attention to details as simple as TWINS!

I received an email yesterday from DH-he is safe and healthy so far in remote South Pacific. They are working long hours providing medical and dental service to those who were affected by cyclone 8 months ago. I felt a little less anxious after getting word from him, so hopefully that will last until the weekend when I here from him again.

So, I have a question for you guys. I am starting to feel like this actually might happen-you know the live actual baby thing. I never have been to this point and it feels weird to be finally here. My question is: When did/do you start planning, researching, registering for all the things needed? We hope to find out the sexes in 3 weeks, so I know I will be able to "pick" things out better then, but I feel I am jinxing things by planning or researching "too" early. Do you/have you felt this way?


Denise said...

Glad everything looks good!

We didn't really start looking into anything until 2nd trimester, but I think it was mostly because I felt too crappy to do anything beyond getting myself to and from work each day. I think we would have waited until then anyway. We did ask family not to buy anything until we were sure of the sexes (not until 19 weeks or so).

Jen said...

Sitting here at 22 weeks, I have made a registry but put nothing on it. I am so afraid of jinxing things. It was weird at work Monday we interviewed an individual to work my job while I'm gone on maternity leave. It's such an odd thing to think this will really work. I need to start believing it.

But we haven't done anything in terms of painting, crib buying. Anything. Although, this weekend was my birthday and I got TONS of baby clothes!

HeidiM said...

It's disappointing that your practice doesn't remember the twin 'detail." I get the feeling that if a patient doesn't have a problem they don't pay that much attention - my doc appointments last 10 min.

I'm envious that they're checking for sex in three weeks -- my OB is making me wait until mid-December. I'm no further along than you but like Denise was, I have no energy to buy baby stuff yet.

Penny said...

First pregnancy, which occurred with minimal help from doctors, I think I started buying things at the begnning of my 2nd trimester.

This time, result of an IVF, I will probably wait longer. But that may be more due to exhaustion than paranoia.

There isn't a whole lot to do, planning wise, believe it or not - ordering furniture is about the biggest deal, since delays in shipping mean you should do it maybe a couple months in advanced. But all the little stuff? A lot of it will be gifts around the beginning of the 3rd tri.

oh! But childcare is something you might want to pursue now. Sometimes waiting lists can be long.