Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clear new year

I know it has been a while since I last updated, so today I have lots to catch up on.

1. With the passing of my grandmother before Christmas, the holidays were hard. Although, cooking some of her favorites and continuing some of her traditions here for our 1st Christmas was comforting.
2. Christmas was nice and relaxing-I had 8 days off work that were super relaxing and much needed.
3. We went Christmas eve day for our 24 week U/S and check-up Here are the details:
a. Both babies mesuring 1 lb, 11 oz- almost a week ahead!
b. Baby A placenta has now moved up and is not in danger of placenta previa.
c. BP nice and low
d. Weight gain thus far 23 lbs.
e. Both babies head down and moving a lot- now very easy to feel them move all day long!
4. We started the new year well and have been working a lot.
5. We have had the babies room painted, our bedding is in, and we pick up our cribs Saturday. A friend is coming over to help B put them together! The rest of the furniture comes assembled at the end of the month.
6. We made our last allowable flight away last weekend for a shower that my 4 sisters threw for us. It was a quick and tiring trip, but was so much fun! W e were so blessed with the generosity of everyone and the effort they all took to come to see us.
7. I had my 26 week appt last week. It was fun-filled with blood tests and glucose test. I did pass all tests! YAHHHHH for not having to take another glucose test!!!!
8. We go back Monday for our 28 week U/S and check-up. If the girls cooperate, then we hope to get a nice 3D U/S of each of them. At last few U/S-they have been head down, spine out-which hides there faces from the camera! Maybe they will give us a little camera shot!
9. As for me, I am feeling more tired and definately BIG. Everyone says "you are so small to have twins" and I think, "tying my shoes is hard and tiring". WHat will I feel like in 2.5 more months?

I will post updated pics of me, the nursery, and the babies after next Monday's appointment.


Denise said...

So glad to hear you and the babies are doing well.

I got so annoyed with people exclaiming how small I am to carry twins and I never did come up with a good response to that. I mean, it's obvious. My doctor assured me early on that small/short/petite women carry twins just as easily as other women. I do have to say though, I think it was harder being short waisted because there just was nowhere for the babies to go but out. It did get quite painful at the end and it redefines exhaustion for you, but you'll get through it.

Jen said...

I'm thrilled to hear that everything is going so well. And trust me, everyone comments that I look like I'm about to burst and I'm only 36 weeks with a singleton! I can't even imagine how it'll be for you.

But I am very happy for you!

HeidiM said...

Catching up late as usual. =) Glad your babies are doing wonderfully and that you're having fun getting prepared. Hope your babies were smiling for the camera today! I had an u/s today and I got one of those back-of-the-head views. The 3D should be great to see. Take care!!

journey to junior(ette) said...

i just looked at your ticker and was so amazed to see you are in your third trimester!!! when people say to me "wow, your pregnancy went by so fast" i think - maybe for you, but not for me. but i'll tell you...your pregnancy has gone by quickly for me! LOL!!! hope you are feeling well and the babies are thriving!