Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 weeks and counting!

Well - it looks like we are on the 6 week count down at this point! I can't believe it is so close-but seems so far away. I had my latest US,exam appointment today and here is a breakdown of the goods at 31 weeks, 2 days.

1. Weight gain 30 lbs so far
2. No stretch marks yet, but starting to get a case of dry skin that itches!
3. Still working 3/4 days, but am cut off after this weekend from traveling to mountains to work-which is good since it is hard to get comfortable for the drive.
4. All organs and HR are in normal range.
5. Both girls weigh just over 4 pounds each and are roughly 17 inches long.
6. All measurements show they are both 1 week ahead at this point.
7. Baby A is head down-which she has been for most of the pregnancy. Baby B is transverse with her head under baby A's abdomen. Sounds cozy and comfy, doesn't it?!
8. Cervic is still REALLY long - drs call it the cervix of steele at this point.
9. Just started a few BH contractions in the last week.
10. AT this point, we are starting twice a week visits with fetal heart monitoring.
11. One more U/S at 34 weeks is scheduled.
12. Unless babies are both head down, we will be scheduled for c-section at 37.5 weeks (unless they bless us by coming early).
13. Uterus measuring 40 weeks. Below is updated belly pic.

We are getting closer to being somewhat organized-I don't dare say ready, because I know we will never be able to fully prepare for what we are up for when they arrive. We have been scheduling out of town family in shifts for help once we get home-this way we have the help, but not a huge house full at one time. I am planning on taking off a full 4 weeks, and then will go back about 10 hours a week for another month. DH and I both have full-time practices and owning a business requires us to be there a little. We will have plenty of family help and also have an au pair coming from Germany to help with the girls. We are so exicted about her!

I am attaching pics below of the nursery -we still have some window treatments, decorations, etc to do to finish but it is close. I chose a limey green and pale pink for the walls, with a pale yellow ceiling. The fabrics I chose and had the bedding made which I just love!


Meg said...

This nursery is gorgeous and I am thrilled to hear the girls are doing so well in there... I cannot believe you are 6 weeks out!!

I am wondering where in CO you looked and found a chair?? It looks a lot like ones we are trying to find and I would love to hear what places you looked.

Jen said...

The nursery looks fabulous and your belly looks so small! You look fabu too! But I am most happy to hear that the girls are doing great!

Mary said...

Somehow I lost the link to your blog and just found it!

The nursery is BEAUTIFUL and your belly looks amazing!!

Glad to hear that you and the girls are doing so well! Can't believe that the time is almost here!