Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back in the Saddle Soon? and other updates

Well, it has been a few months and I have taken a needed break from blogging myself. Thanks to those who so kindly checked in on me - oh I have been checking in on each of you, but did not have much to say myself or the time to write on myself. So, here is a long awaited update on me and our lives.

1. After FET failed - it hit me hard emotionaly. I think it was the combo of it failing and also flashing back to the ectopic and loss in December. My meds and subsequent hormones were way worse with the FET and that probably did not help with my coping.
2. Endometrial biopsy - after 3 weeks of waiting and me having to call to freaking get the results - Positive for integrin - thus no Lupron depot prior to next fresh IVF. This means that I have plenty of "stick um" for the little embies.

The "palace" and its move has really ticked me off - many screw ups with appointments, money, and call-backs are not making me that excited for mapying and doing another round with them - but I keep thinking about them being the best - so I guess I will at least tolerate it for another cycle at least.
3. So, when is the next fresh IVF you ask? Well probably this July if nature cooperates. We have some vacations scheduled at long last after deciding to finally do something we wanted and not put it on hold another day. Also, the main reason is.....
4. I have given my notice at my group practice and open my own practice June 1st!!!!! This is an awesome opportunity and move and I am thrilled!!!! I will be putting in a little more time in the beginning but in the long run hopefully work less and make more!!! So the last 2 months, have not been focusing on IVF (probably a good break) but focus on building, marketing, and getting a new business ready to open. For those who have been wondering - I am a periodontist. What is that you ask. Well, I do bone and gum surgery in the mouth for health, disease and esthetics. I also remove teeth, place dental implants, and treat oral medicine patients (people who have lesions in mouth, dry mouth from radiation, biopsies, etc).

Obviously, the next few weeks will be very hectic to get ready for the opening. So the vacation in June and the IVF in July when things settle down sounded good to us!

So, all is good here. Lots of positive other things in our lives that we have been trying to focus on for a little while since we have neglected them lately. I feel I am in a much better place emotionally and physically now, and will be when we do the next Fresh IVF.

More to come soon......


Denise said...

Jen and I were recently talking about how things are so much more chaotic at the palace than they were at Swedish. You would think after 4+ months, they'd have all the kinks worked out by now.

From what I remember on your last post, integrin is what causes the lining to be sticky? Does a positive mean you have a deficiency or that you have plenty of integrin? Sorry for my ignorance.

Can you say what type of practice you are opening? I understand if not, just curious.

Glad to hear you are doing okay and getting ready to jump back on that horse!

Lori said...

So glad Spring brings you a fresh outlook and that good things are happening.

What kind of practice do you have? Good luck with your startup! Let us know how we can support you.

Jen said...

Glad to see you've returned!

I totally understand the wanting to run away from it all after the ectopic and the negative. Sometimes I still feel so angry at the world - and myself - for not being pregnant while everyone else is. I like to think it shows I am growing, not just a pissy bitter pants.

And seriously. Thursday was awful at the palace. I was ready to write a nasty letter about the lack of service.

But congrats on starting your own medical/legal/something fabulous practice!

It sounds like everything will be coming together this summer. Wishing you all the best sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Yes, the hormones can reek havoc on your emotions, on top of everything already being hard. I'm glad you took a break to take care of yourself. Your new practice and vacation sound exciting!!

Meg said...

So glad you checked in. I was wondering how you have been...busy it sounds on many exciting things!

July sounds like a great time for another deserve some time off to get other fun things done.

HeidiM said...

Interesting about the integrin...I wonder how common that is. Sounds like that correction alone could make all the difference, so that is great!

Enjoy your vacations! And way to go on your own practice!!