Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What is going on????

Well, finally I have a few minutes to catch you guys all up to date on us. I have been checking on each of you-know even if I don't comment I am wishing you good thoughts as I read! First a few thanks- A shout out to those I met in the group for the movie-you all give me hope and encouragement in so many different ways that my child (and/or children) will find their way to us eventually and it will be perfect! Also, a huge thanks to those 2 individuals (you know who you are) who so graciously surrendered their un-used supplies for the upcoming cycle.

Ahhhhh, THE CYCLE! Sounds so big-I am trying to take the laid back approach to this IVF and see how that works out for me. Honestly with all the new work things going on (see below), I don't have time really to obsess as much as I would like! I started my BCP last Friday and will tnetatively have ER on July 23 and 5day transfer hopefully on July 27. I will be on lupron, menopur/gonal F combo, and all the other lovely assortments of meds at appropriate times. I just did straight gonal-f (low dose) and had an "ideal" response according to Dr.S. HE is adding the menopur to see if it helps out a little with the maturation of the eggs a little more. So, please cross your finger, send me luck, pray, what ever you believe to work for us this cycle that we have a positive outcome!

So, work! We I have been busy. Left my job June5th, opened a new practice June 12. Oh my, there is so much work even after seenign patients that has to be done especially in a new practice. All in all, it is going extremely well, and for the first time EVER I feel home at work!!! I love it and it mine!!! It will continue to be busy during the growth phase with marketing, etc but as most of you all know growth is essential for the future. So even when I have downtime between patients, I am busy.

We also just returned from 5 days in Key West-B and I took some time to wind down and refocus ourselves -with all the work and life whirlwinds lately it was well needed. We came back tan, refreshed, happy, and ready to roll ahead with whatever comes our way next.

I hope to post more often, now that things are easing up!

Here we go on the next little path diversion of life, work, and parenthood- where will we end up? stay tuned!!!!!


Lori said...

It was so nice to meet you, Maryanne!

I've been thinking about you as July gets closer.

Congrats on your own practice -- how exciting!

Jen said...

I am wishing and hoping that this cycle does it for you. Hell, everyone told me third time is the charm so I will tell it to you now!

When do you start the big meds? I can't wait to hear all about it.

Congrats on opening up your own practice!

Amber said...

Congratulations on opening your own practice. And it;s very exciting that you are starting a cycle. So much going on! Good for you.

journey to junior said...

welcome back...and wishing you ALL OF THE BEST for this cycle. i'll be stalking...


mwbarker said...

Very exciting to hear how everything is gearing up for you guys! Glad the practice is going so well and you were able to fit a little bit of time off in for yourselves as well!!

Penny said...

Awesome about your business! I started my own last year and it was an amazing source of pride and accomplishment for me. Definitely keeps you busy though.

Good luck this upcoming IVF cycle.