Monday, March 2, 2009

34 weeks

Today was our 34 week update and all is well inthe land of my very secure uterus. I guess my cervix is on lock-down mode since I have made no progression there. My cervix length is something rediculus at 57 which the doctors seem to be amazed at with twins. I figure there is a reason they need to be in there a little bit longer!

Both girls are measuring 5 pounds each and are right on track. Baby A is head down, spine up and locked and loaded to be the first out -however and whenever that is. Baby B is head down, spine up but laying with her head under Baby A's shoulders-somewhat diagonal in my body. This is an improvement from the last few months, so maybe she is starting to get in line to get out!

We are continuing to be monitored on NSTs twice a week. I am still having sporadic contractions, but obviously not affecting my cervix or the babies yet. The Ob says it could be like this all the way until delivery, so they will just monitor. The did tell me today if I went into labor anytime from here on out that they would deliver me and not try to stop the labor. So we wait!

This weekend my mom came in from out of town. She was a great help! We finished washing clothes, sheets, bottles,etc and getting organized in the nursery. I feel much relaxed about being ready when the girls decide they are ready to roll! It cam ein super handy to have her around as well since hubby had to have emergency appendectomy on Thursday night. He is doing much better now, but it was nice to have the extra help with her here as well!

I will post pics later of belly and more on the nursery!


Denise said...

So glad to hear everything is going so well! Hope hubby is recovering quickly.

HeidiM said...

Sounds like you're ready to go! Glad to hear your baby girls are getting in position. Sounds like you have a great mom to come and help. Is it hard for you to stay patient? I'm getting (happily) anxious myself.