Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tick, Tock....

Tick, Tock......Oh how slow times goes when you feel so rotten and are anticipating something so grand!

36 weeks down! Wow! A year ago I never thought I would ever reach this point!

Drs appt yesterday - 1cm dilated and "soft" but I have been this way for a week now. Contracting every 3-4 mintutes but they obviously are not doing much to my cervix. Babies are doing well and tolerating the contractions thus far. Quick U/S shows babies still criss-crossed in my uterus, so looks like c-section is our way to go. Date is set for the 31st unless my cervix goes to 2cm or my contractions are worse. We will have a growth scan next Monday at 37 weeks to check the weight-estimate now is 6lbs each!

I have cut back to a few hours at the office a day. I am not sleeping much-can't get comfortable but weirdly just am not sleep at 3am for some reason. It is getting harder to move around and get up/down-but with a 44 week belly what can I expect? I have also added on the wonderful diarrhea 4-5 times a day which is from "circulating hormones getting ready for labor" according to nurses. Add to it the every popular "PUPS" rash and I am just plain READY for the girls to come!

I know these are small things that will be soon replaced by the wonderful addition of the 2 lives awaiting us! Very soon, though...


Denise said...

6 pounds each is great! They're going to be huge compared to mine. I remember the 3am wide awake nights, I had that problem too. I'm still up at 3am, but for a different reason and I'm never wide awake now! I used to turn the tv on and watch shows on the dvr in the middle of the night. It was better than all of the infomercials!

Hang in there. You're getting close!

HeidiM said...

Sorry to hear you feel rotten!!

I'm thinking us blogging women should have 3am get-togethers, that's about my normal insomnia time too. =) Funny what Denise said too about TV...I just added all the pay channels in anticipation of much odd-hour TV watching. =)

Good your girls are growing well and staying put. Not much longer now!!

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