Monday, March 23, 2009

D-Day in 36 hours

Well D-Day (delivery day) is Wednesday at 730am-yes as in 36 hours from now!

I had my 37 week check today. Babies look good!

My blood work showed elevated levels that can be indicators (if allowed to get higher) for pre-eclampsia or HELP. They decided to deliver a little early to help nip the elevated levels in the bud and hopefully avoid any complications. They are not even sure that this is why those levels are high, but they want to be on the safe side for the health of the babies and me.

So, tomorrow will be full of last minute prep. Our parents will be on their way here from Texas.

Here we go....


Denise said...

Woo hoo!!!! Good luck on Wednesday!

Lori said...

Wishing you all a smooth, uneventful delivery.

Can't wait to hear what comes next!

Anonymous said...

OMG, today is the day! can't wait to meet your little ones!!! xoxoxox


Stephanie said...

I can't believe it!! I will be thinking of you all day. Good luck and enjoy every minute! Those first days in the hospital were so joyous! Lot's of love,

Denise said...

Just wondering how you are doing?